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Application example
The_EndДата: Воскресенье, 18.09.2011, 13:58 | Сообщение # 1
Группа: Забаненные
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Команда/Клан: Lucky

загрузка наград ...
Registration of the application!

To joining, you should read the CLAN RULES Once you can apply.

- The clan accepted only players who play Vanilla;
- Upon entry, you must wear tag [Eclip$e];
- You should not rush decision;
- Without the attached screenshots, the application will not be considered.
- Do not reformation clan-tag (eclipse, EcLiPsE, etc.)
- To be admitted, for you must vote "YES" at least 7 people.
- Allowed to call on CW / FW players from other clans.

First, we take in new recruits trainee. Trainee lasts from 2 weeks to 1 year (depending on the skill player). As will be your trainee? Very simple. During this time you must raise your level of play to the end, we checked and were able to transfer you to the foundation. You should do what you tell our inspectors. If your level is still small, the term trainee will continue. If, after trainee, you check and you'll be playing at the required level, then you will be transferred to the main part!

For the interns are responsible: The End, Troffi, twiNk.
They will check you before joining the clan and at the end of trainee. When you file your application, you must seek their own inspectors, but they are not for you. Their voices are very important. So try to surprise our reviewers. Take courage, soldier! Good luck ...

About You:
1. Your name?
2. Age?
3. Your nickname in the game?
4. Previous nicknames?
5. In touch with you? (Skype, ICQ or another).
6. Place of residence? The time difference with respect to Moscow?
7. What's your occupation? (School, university, college, work)
8. What foreign languages ​​do you speak and how well?
9. What kind of games to play besides TeeWorlds?
10. Did you know PC knowledge? (C + +, SN 9.0, Fraps and others).

11. When did you start playing (the experience)? Were there any big breaks?
12. What are your pings to servers: Qi, Z-Team, UAPlayer, TeeWar, gV?
13. What game modes do you prefer (CTF, iCTF, Race)?
14 Favorite map?
15. What position do you prefer?
16. What do you do in TeeWorlds (make cards, draw schedule, keep the server)?
17. Do you know what tactics? Tell us about the tactics on maps ctf1, ctf3.

18. Why do you think need a team (clan)?
19. Why do you join us?
20. Which clan you composed? If you were, then why leave?
21. How many of [Eclip$e] can vouch for you?
22. Do you know what a team game? What is a good team game?
23. How many times a day you can attend a forum (if you do not have the game and the forum for more than 5 days, you are transported into the inactive, of course, if you are accepted)?
24. Which of the [Eclip$e] You know?
25. Who invited you?
26. You agree to attend training at the appointed time?
27. Why should we accept you?

You must also have screenshots or a demo with the rapid capture of the flag WITHOUT ROCKETJUMP / LASERJUMP on cards:

ctf1-less 3.50 seconds
ctf2-less 10.70 seconds
ctf3-less 5.30 seconds
ctf4_old-less 7.20 seconds (optional)

All maps walktrough:

Are also welcomed "pure" players, but it does not have some negative feedback from other communities / clans / simple users. Just want to say that the trivial change of nickname you a little help, I often look down on the sites to other clans, and calculate your will not be difficult (because each player has a "style" and style of communication).

Im get ban!Im get ban!Im get ban!Im get ban!
Форум » Eclipse International » Joining » Application example
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